7 practical steps for dealing with any affliction, hardship, or grief:

  1. say “inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’oon”
  2. do wudu
  3. pray 2 nafl, reciting surah kafiroon in the first rakah and surah ikhlaas in the second
  4. talk to Allah (swt), cry it out in front of Him
  5. find the masnun duaa for your present situation and beseech your Rabb through the words of His beloved (saw)
  6. let your heart grieve
  7. get up, tell yourself Allah knows you’re strong enough to bear this, and keep going

(via ibtasem)



Don’t grieve my dear,
if Allah has separated you
from the person you
thought too much about.

Surely He just wanted
to save you from heartache
and turn you to Him.

To the True source
of Happiness.

To Al-Mani,
The Preventer of harm.



Ya Rabb,
this earth is such a vast stream,
I am afraid it might float my heart away
on a deserted island without You.

I beg You,
don’t let me take the wrong course.
Let me be among those You love.

Surely You are Al-Muqaddim,
The Expediter.

(via ibtasem)